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Facilitator Training

Our Need

A small group of members have been carrying the responsibility of offering discussion facilitation for many years. In an effort to offer a variety of faces, more participation, and opportunities for personal growth, we are inviting members of our sangha to join the Practice and Education team.


The opportunity here is for extended personal growth and deeper study into the Shambhala Path and Buddhist teachings. In an effort to assure familiarity with this treasure and the privilege of handing it to our community, the P&E Team has requested the following stipulations:

  • Completed at least three levels of the Shambhala Path (Level 3)
  • Been a part of a Shambhala Sangha for at least 2 years
  • Obtain a recommendation from
  • Your personal Meditation Instructor or Teacher
    • One of the P&E Team
    • The Nashville Shambhala Coordinator, Joe Smith

If you are interested please contact Leslie Gosset or Joe Smith with a summary of your training and why you wish to join the Practice and Education efforts of Nashville Shambhala Meditation Group. Recommendations should be submitted separately from your reference unless that reference is Leslie or Joe.

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