Nashville Governing Council

Council Members

Joe Smith , Coordinator
Rick Chudacoff
Paul Felton
Mary Ann Fricko


Call and hold monthly Governing Council Meetings. Support other leaders as needed. Hold the View of the Shambhala Group by staying connected to larger Shambhala teachers, regional leaders, and efforts. Support and nourish the community of practitioners by building relationships, discovering needs, and connecting people to resources Work with the P&E team to envision the calendar of offerings. Support the Membership Team by building membership, hosting membership gatherings, creating fundraisers when needed ,etc. Communicate directly with Marketing team to be sure communications and publications are on point and include all up to date and necessary information. Work directly with Finance team to understand the financial model of the NSG, to work with budget to grow income, support decisions that are financially responsible, and to ultimately be responsible for the financial health of the group.
Culture & Decorum
Creating a culture of kindness through scheduling and hosting regular community events. Also understanding forms and helping our community to use forms to outwardly express our inner principles (for example, uplifting our space helps us uplift our minds).
Families & Children
Nourish and support the parents, children, and families of our membership with conversations, care, spaces, and events.
Health & Wellbeing:
Create a culture and practice of care for our society and its members through organizing, direct support, and cultivating community. For example, this person would help organize a food train for someone who just had a baby, or rides to doctors appointments for someone who had surgery, etc.
Kasung Liaison:
Protection practice for our community, premises, events and teachers. Cultivating the ability to work with ‘heightened’ or ‘charged’ situations while maintaining a seat of compassion and non-aggression.
Mailchimp, Facebook, websites, Meetup and Gmail strategy, design and message delivery. Coordinate messages membership, new folks, P&E, the secretary and treasurer and distribute those messages.
Familiar with the membership and their status financially and their attendance. Inquire, when discernible to do so, regarding the well being of members. Use and management of the online payment tool. Use of Mailchimp account to reach out to members occasionally. Keep a log of total attendance.
New Folks:
It will be required to have male and female participants in this team with one as team lead. Watching online and in person for visitors then follow up with those who leave contact information. Use Mailchimp, Facebook and Meetup. Keep a log of the number of new folks attending.
Practice & Education:
Hold regular meetings to plan the P&E calendar for the whole group. They will determine content from local members and arrange for special teachings.
Schedule and announce meetings and the agenda, take minutes and support the coordinator(s).
Social Engagement:
Promote and offer opportunities to promote diversity and social justice to our community through community involvement with groups doing this work and bringing awareness to our sangha of the challenging social issues surrounding us.
Set the volunteer schedule for weekly gatherings. Coordinate with P&E to fill facilitator and instructor roles. Plan and help convict volunteer training and recognition as needed. Use of the online volunteer app.
Maintain and update the budget and prepare monthly budget reports derived from the online bank accounts. Accept deposit reports from GC members who make deposits and differentiate between regular donations and donations for specific purposes. Provide a discipline to spending based upon an approved budget.
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