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On Sunday February 24th, a motion was put on the table at a Governing Council to reconsider our relationship (legally and financially) with Shambhala the organization. You can read a letter from our Coordinator Joe about this here.

We will have two upcoming meetings- one on Sunday March 10th, at 12:30pm to openly discuss this situation. Then, on Sunday March 17th, the vote is on the table. Please post the questions you have about all this here in this doc so we can start to clarify all the info we need to know.

Here are the Shambhala USA Articles of Incorporation. Here is the Shambhala Nashville Charter. Here is an infographic of the legal situation of Shambhala the organization.

February 21, 2019 Letter from the Sakyong in response to the Acharya Letter

February 20, 2019 Letter from the Acharyas this is the response of the senior teachers in Shambhala

February 19, 2019 Letter from Lady Diana Mukpo this is from Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's wife

February 18, 2019 Letter from the Interim Board in response to the Kusung Letter

February 16, 2019 Open Letter from Kusung statements from personal attendants of Sakyong Mipham revealing further abuse allegations

February 4, 2019 Message from the Sakyong in response to the Wickwire Report

February 3, 2019 Wickwire Holm Report the results of the legal investigation into the allegations against Sakyong Mipham

July 13, 2018 Community Update from Kalapa Media

July 10, 2018 Letter from the Sakyong

July 8, 2018 Letter from Women Acharyas

July 6, 2018 Letter from the Office of the Sakyong regarding his stepping back.

July 6, 2018 Letter from Kalapa Council announcing the stepping down of the council.

This is an overview of previous allegations toward other Shambhala teachers, and the response by the leadership body, the Kalapa Council.

This letter from the Sakyong was issued on Monday 6/25.

This letter from the Kalapa Council was issued on Wednesday 6/27.

This report, compiled by Project Sunshine, was issued on Thursday 6/28.
WARNING: The content detailed here is explicit and triggering.

This letter from the Kalapa Council was issued on Friday 6/29.

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